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Welcome to the online home of The University of the West Indies’ Medical Alumni Association.

Dr Peter Wong
President, UWIMAA

For three decades, the UWIMAA has dedicatedly supported the work of the faculties of medical sciences and its graduates. As we approach our 33rd anniversary and honour the first 33 medical graduates (class of 1948) who were pioneers of a path we have all taken, we’re embarking on an ambitious drive to connect with every single graduate from each of The UWI’s medical faculties. Our hope is to reinvigorate the association, facilitate networking and knowledge sharing and together, create opportunities to give back – improving the medical care of the people of the Caribbean.
The UWIMAA has entered into a new phase of close relationship with the University through its Institutional Advancement Division (IAD) supporting its fund-raising. Today, the recently launched UWIMAA Endowment which will raise US1.5 million for the medical sciences is an important part of our outreach. I encourage all alumni to give a gift today; each contribution of any size will make a difference.

I make a special appeal to all alumni, particularly our younger graduates, we need you to get involved. Your fresh ideas, energy and your financial contributions will ensure continuity for the UWIMAA. Connect with us and encourage your fellow classmate to do the same.

We envision the UWIMAA as the vehicle for medical alumni of the Caribbean’s #1 University to come together and impact the world. Today I invite you to join the UWIMAA and take the journey with us.

Past Presidents

Karl Massiah​

1988 - 1993​

Winston Mitchell​

1994 - 1996​

Karl Massiah​

1997 - 1998​

Victor Boodhoo​

1999 - 2003​

Karl Massiah​

2004 - 2006​

Michael Hoyos​

2007 - 2010​

Gerald Groves​

2011 - 2016​

Winston Mitchell​

2017 - May 2021​

Peter Wong​

June 2021 – Present​


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